The Martin Family Farms production system (mapped out below) consists of a total of 14,000 sows located in two separate sites of 4,000 sows and 10,000 sows.

These two sites are where the production of the 350,000 plus weaned pigs actually takes place. Each week Martin Family Farms transports nearly 7,000 weaned pigs to various finishing facilities in the Midwest to be finished for Indiana Packers and other customers.

In addition to the two sow sites, Martin Family Farms operates one separate Gilt Developer Unit. This facility is strategically located away from the sow sites so that we might deliver disease-free gilts as future sow replacements. The separation allows us to monitor and eliminate disease introduction into our existing herd.

The Gilt Developer Unit receives a 3- to 6-week-old gilt who stays in the facility up until the age of 28 to 30 weeks. During this time frame each gilt is acclimated and trained for future health.

Martin Family Farms also operates finishing sites consisting of several thousand wean-to-finish spaces which are both owned and contracted. Over the next few years, the size of the finishing operation is planned to expand as a result of a partnership with the Clemens Food Group. This relationship provides Martin Family Farms an equity stake in delivering its wholesome quality animal products direct to consumers throughout the nation and world.