In the early 1800s, our family started laying the foundations for Martin Family Farms by focusing on serving people with high quality pork products,  contributing to the community around them, and using wholesome agricultural practices. A lot has changed since William Martin settled his family down in Indiana, but that vision for Martin Family Farms has not. The timeline to the right provides an overview of our history, one which we proudly continue today by caring for people, planet, and pigs. 

Today, as fewer and fewer people are actually engaged in the act of making food, we see a disconnect between the farmer and consuming public become wider and wider. With this division increase, we continue to see a larger and larger sector of our customers have an interest in knowing and understanding the people who raise their food. To that end, we wanted to return to the roots of Martin Farms to allow the interested consumer and customers a look inside all the great things that are involved being a tremendous caretaker of livestock and the environment we work in. Telling the real story of why and how we do all the things we do is a great responsibility and opportunity.

  • Team Martin Family Farms


Martin Family Farms seeks to live out our calling as a Christian company by loving our neighbors (our employees and customers) and responsibly stewarding over creation (our pigs and land).

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People: To maintain an empowering and rewarding work environment for our employees and to build up our local communities.

Planet: To employ the latest farming and building techniques in order to sustain our land and keep our air and water clean.

Pigs: To raise healthy pigs by implementing the best in animal nutrition and the most humane animal treatment practices.